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Industries We Serve

Ship Building

Ship BuildingIt is well known that steel is one of the most important materials in the modern industry and for several years it has been the favored material for ship building applications. In Ship building (which encompasses the shipyards, the marine equipment manufacturers), durability and robustness are the two factors, which are elemental in determining the worth of accessories used during the production process.

Our steel pipes, tubes, plates, sheets, fabrications and other products are widely used in this industry for their excellent properties such as - high values of strength and fracture stability in combination with the reasonably good ductility and flexibility, tensile strength, elongation and reduction in area. Stainless steel products sustain longtime exploitation such as friction and corrosion and even after years of use, these products don’t practically change characteristics such as brittleness and hardness.

With modernized market places in this sector, the power of automated technological advancements is now being utilized at different levels. The process components that we design and develop, feature smooth operations, low maintenance and superior performance. They are easy to install and our engineers commence the job with perfection.


OffshoreWe, at Kamlesh Metal (India), design and supply a comprehensive range of products for different offshore applications. Manufactured keeping the various requirements of our clients in mind, our products are superior in quality and utility, and ensure smooth processes, operations and efficiency.

The various offshore applications where our products have found usages are :- Composite grids/ gratings, hand rails & ladder components, aqueous piping system, water & fuel storage tanks, vessels, low pressure composite valves, pull tubes, cable support systems, modular paneling for partition walls, high pressure accumulator bottles, flexible & floating risers, drill pipe, sub - sea structural components, boxes, housings and shelters and more.

Our products such as steel pipes & tubes, flanges, sheets, plates, forged pipe fittings, butt weld fittings and others are widely used in the industry because of their special characteristics such as high strength and fracture stability in combination with the reasonably good ductility and flexibility, tensile strength, superior performance and durability.  Available at competitive prices, our products have earned us huge accolades from our our clients the world across.

Sewage Treatment

Sewage TreatmentThere are various processes involved in sewage treatment plant, we through our range of products serve this industry with great amount of precision. The process of removing contaminants from sewage is a 3 stage process (physical, chemical and biological). Water Systems Industry is significantly driven by sophisticated technology, which ensures optimum performance for a longer period of time. Low maintenance cost is another requirement of this industry.

The components manufactured at Kamlesh Metal (India) are specifically designed to reduce water companies' stock-holding requirements and also feature abrasion and chemical resistance required for wastewater processing and river intake duties. More number of sewage treatment companies are joining hands with us since our component solutions are more durable and reliable

Kamlesh Metal (India)'s sewage treatment products & equipment provide leak-tight connections that meet the specifications of a variety of applications. Our growth over the years has been the result of investment in the latest technology, to ensure the production of highly efficient products and by providing an unrivaled after sales and advice services to our clients in a cost effective manner.

Paper Mills

Sewage TreatmentPaper mills are based on conventional kraft process using wood as the main raw material. Though the machines used do not involve rigorous technical inputs but it is very necessary for them to be in good condition all the time. Reduction of emissions to maintain compliance with the required environmental regulations and to minimize the potential for expensive leaks is a strategic factor that drives the Pulp and Paper industry. Large number of fittings are required in the industrial set up of this segment.

The instrumentation and process components produced at Kamlesh Metal (India) features special characteristics including excellent resistance to highly abrasive media, hot & highly caustic slurries, and non-contaminating qualities to ensure that the requirements are met with precision.

The research and development facilities at Steel Tubes India along with our with world-class manufacturing capabilities for high performance paper mill products & equipments. We offer our exclusive range of products including pipes, tubes, flanges, butt weld fittings and more.